DragonForage Dragon Head Necklace athame ritual wicca pagan dagger knife
cfogel85 Wow! I just won this for free, ATHAME CHARM for Jewelry making Wicca~Magick-Pagan #listia
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Dirk Wod Damascus Athame 13 3/4"

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Rosewood Damascus Athame

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  • Patheos (blog)

    Gender and sexuality in Wicca

    This is the video of my talk at Witchfest in Croydon, November 2014. The talk discusses expanding and deepening our understanding of the concepts of polarity and fertility, what tradition is and how it works, what we bring into circle (our whole self

  • Patheos (blog)

    Book Review – All Acts of Love & Pleasure: Inclusive Wicca by Yvonne Aburrow

    in the book of going beyond the sexual symbolism in Wicca, to more primordial symbolism (for example, when the athame enters the chalice, seeing it as the lightning striking the sea to create the first living organism, as opposed to penis-in-vagina

How to Use an Athame

This video will explain how to use an athame in rituals and spellcasting, as well as detail why they are important in wicca and other spiritual uses. Want to...

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The Chalice and the Blade

For many years I searched and searched for the perfect tools and objects for my altar. I searched for the perfect wand, athame, chalice and incense burners which really spoke to me and to my flavor as a Wiccan practitioner. It took me many years, and with what little resources I had available for authentic ritual tools but I eventually found all of my working tools. The second issue...

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Love Light & Magick
And that’s when the shop transitioned into an array of chalices and wands, altar tiles and bells, athames, spell book holders ... The first rule of Wicca is “Harm No One”. If Love Light and Magick sounds like it’s up your alley, grab your pendulum ...
World Youth Day 2016 logo and prayer revealed
The official logo and prayer for World Youth Day 2016 were unveiled in the event’s host city — Krakow, Poland — by the city’s archbishop, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz. The logo and prayer focus on the theme chosen by Pope Francis from the Gospel of ...
Wiccan Priest Reportedly Barred From Giving Invocation At City Council Meeting
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) — A member of the Wiccan faith says he was set to give the opening invocation at a Huntsville City Council meeting until the plan was publicized and he was asked about his faith. He was then told he was no longer invited.


Wiccan Elements Witchcraft Supply Store

We offer Pagan supplies, Wiccan ritual tools, rune stones, pendants, cauldrons, morter and pestle, spell kits, incense, robes, jewellery, and candles. by WiccanElements at 10/24/10)

Herramientas Wicca: El Athame
Herramientas Wicca: El Athame
Athamé Wicca
Athamé Wicca
Athame Wicca
Athame Wicca

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