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  • Samhain 2014: Facts, Dates, Traditions And Rituals To Know

    In late October and early November, many Pagans and Wiccans around the globe celebrate Samhain, believed to be an ancient Celtic festival in celebration of autumn harvest and the onset of winter. 131574303 1. Samhain is typically celebrated from sunset 

  • Patheos (blog)

    Broke-Ass Witchery: Part Four

    You can also make wands out of materials other than wood, such as polymer clay – polymer clay comes in a lot of different colors, is not that expensive (a square goes a long way too), and you can bake it in your oven. Athame: You probably have

The Making of OOAK Red Maple Wood Athame

Features extra pictures of the OOAK maple wood athame 'Winter Maple' by ~M. Watkins c. 2014. Available for purchase at The Spellling Bee:

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Broke-Ass Witchery: Part Four - Patheos (blog)

The following information is for magical practitioners on a budget. Please note that this information pertains specifically to witchcraft and not to other magical practices such as Ceremonial Magick wherein the need for supplies may be more involved. As far as my qualifications go to give this series, I was working poor (retail, food service) for some years, and have been on a fixed income...

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Broke-Ass Witchery: Part Four
Or you can craft a knob to put at the end (to have a proper wizard’s staff and all), or carve symbols or patterns into the wood (runes, knotwork ... on the inside if you are drinking from it). Athame: You probably have utensils. Sacrifice one of ...
Hampstead Ladies hope to build on sevens success in return to league action
Number eight Elin Hywel has returned home to Wales while flanker Fran Athames has departed to join the army, and winger Elaine Kolinas will soon be heading back to Canada. However, over a dozen new ladies have taken part in training, and Micha Palmer has ...
Witches Toolbox: Athame
The athame might be the most recognizable tool in the Modern Witch ... The “black handle” (especially one made out of wood) can often be elusive, and I realize it’s not all that difficult to stain a brown handle black, but nothing ever really ...


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Black magic spells rituals: [ ], Pagan herbs: [ ], Black magic love spells: [ ](Posted by TheEverydayMagic at 01/15/12)

Athame - click here for a close up image of the Willow Wood Athame
Athame - click here for a close up image of the Willow Wood Athame
Simple Wood Handle athame
Simple Wood Handle athame

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