MinervaMopsy Been busy taking care of a big ol SickyPants tonight, but I managed to make some time to colour this obsidian dagger!
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  • Slate Magazine (blog)

    The “Unmanageably Tortuous” Process of Designing This Elaborate Font

    Obsidian is derived from Surveyor, a font inspired by type used on engraved maps and charts; Surveyor's authorship is a matter of personal disagreement between Hoefler and type designer Tobias Frere-Jones, whose much-covered legal dispute was resolved

  • 'Arts of War' at Harvard's Peabody Museum asks intriguing questions

    “But find me a dagger that doesn't have its own kind of beauty. Weapons become more than just weapons.'' LeBlanc observed the ceremonial scepter Queen Elizabeth carries as a symbol of royal authority has evolved from a mace used to bludgeon enemies.

RotMG: Taste My Obsidian Dagger!

Here's a random video for you to watch. I might upload some more but quite rarely. Music used: Deadmau5 - Some Chords Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 ...

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The “Unmanageably Tortuous” Process of Designing This Elaborate Font - Slate Magazine (blog)

“We began the Obsidian project with two questions: Can a decorated typeface pay homage to this tradition while being relevant to designers today, and what tools can we create to help us get there?” says Hoefler, who worked with senior typeface designer Andy Clymer on the project. To explore and draft the typeface’s decoration, they developed software to interpret two-dimensional letterforms...

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The Obsidian Dagger IPA Noire (Dead Frog Brewery, 6.5%)
Of all the craft beer joints, in all the towns ... Marketed in film-noir fashion, The Obsidian Dagger is Dead Frog’s first foray into the Cascadian Dark Ale genre – and thanks to that stellar cast and a plot line full of nuance and twists, it ...
Frontier firearms: Devotees of historic guns set sights on Casper gathering
She’ll put on necklaces: one of brass, amber and glass beads and another holding an obsidian knife. She’ll step into buffalo-hide moccasins and tug a decorative bag made of a turtle shell onto her shoulder, its beads and copper accents swaying.
Landmark Update Adds Monsters and Caves
In addition to the above, the latest Landmark update will include new weapons and armor, including the Obsidian Daggers, Crescent-Bladed Broadsword, Dusk mail, and Prismatic Raiment. There will be accessories with enhancing abilities, and new collectible ...


Corsair 750D Obsidian Case Unboxing & Overview

The Corsair Obsidian 750D case is an evolutionary step forward from the 650D and in my opinion they have improved it in every possible way. It's more liquid cooling friendly, has more up-to-date features, and comes in at a great price compared to its big brothers the 800D and 900D. Not to mention...(Posted by LinusTechTips at 09/24/13)

Digital illustration of obsidian dagger, a weapon that belongs to the ...
Digital illustration of obsidian dagger, a weapon that belongs to the ...
Fulltang Obsidian Dagger
Fulltang Obsidian Dagger
An Obsidian Dagger.
An Obsidian Dagger.

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