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  • Double standards

    but they are nowhere close to BP Koirala's principles though they still wear BP's mask to hide their political vacuums. Despite facing tumultuous circumstances, at least, Kamal Thapa of RPP-Nepal has been consistent in his statements though his

  • North East: Threat of Being Sabotaged by the Indian Bureaucracy

    The egalitarian-looking sleeping quarters mask a strict pecking order, with suites for the more senior visitors from Beijing. And as with other attempts at The man who sent The Rough Guide to Nepal has some explaining to do.) More generally, a

Ma Hu Nepali - Mask Roshan | New Nepali Song 2015

New Nepali Slow Rock Patriotic Song "Ma Hu Nepali" by Mask Roshan Album: VOCAL Lyrics and Music: Mask Roshan Arranger: Sanjay Hamal Audio: PM Music Camera: C...

Double standards - Republica

After January 22, 2015, Nepali leaders across the parties in general and Maoist and Madheshi parties in particular are competing to make cases against others by even using imaginary and unfounded arguments. Former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is arguing for a parallel government at various levels and deploying over half a million Young Communist League cadres. Another former PM from...

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Swine flu claims first victim in Nepal this year
He said a person suffering from swine flu should not get too close to others, should wear a mask, maintain proper hygiene and rest ... The virus was first detected in Nepal in 2009. Eighteen deaths were reported last year in Kathmandu due to the virus ...
The Present
Not so in Nepal because whatever happens here has happened in the ... If you are being poisoned by the very air, if you see the police wearing smog masks then you might not feel safe. Imagine if you could sit on a street in Thamel and drink coffee ...
Panel: Book assailant, cover expenses acid attack on girls
An unknown man with an orange hoodie and a face mask had hurled a bottle of corrosive agent on the ... cities are unsafe for girls and children,” it reads. Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre (CWIN) demanded that the government remember its ...


Wooden masks on display - Kathmandu, Nepal

A Nepalese shop selling a variety of masks, curios and other goods for tourists, on the streets of Kathmandu.Nepal,officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal,is a landlocked sovereign state located in South Asia. With an area of 147,181 square kilometres (56,827 sq mi) and a population...(Posted by WildFilmsIndia at 08/12/14)

Nepalese Ceremonial Mask - #6943
Nepalese Ceremonial Mask - #6943
Nepal mask
Nepal mask
Dealers in Fine Oceanic & American Indian Tribal
Dealers in Fine Oceanic & American Indian Tribal

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