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  • Are More 20 Something Women Turning To Witchcraft? We Asked An Expert

    You'd probably end up falling down a manhole or something. And spells? It's just a more targeted form of prayer - you use objects and chants to strengthen your focus, and while there's the concept of a Goddess and a God, you can just pray to the

  • Patheos (blog)

    Book Review: The Witch's Eight Paths of Power by Lady Sable Aradia

    There are many exercises in the book, explained in a very clear manner, so even if you are brand new to witchcraft and don't know what you're doing, this book will show you how to get started in magick… not merely casting spells, but learning the

Witchcraft, Pagan & Wiccan: How To Cast A Spell

I Made A Whole New Channel For Wicca Videos Here: FB Page:

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Are More 20 Something Women Turning To Witchcraft? We Asked An Expert - The Debrief

After Azealia Banks recently tweeted that she was a witch , and The Guardian ran a piece stating that more young women than ever are becoming Wiccan (the earth focused religion whose members – both male and female – call themselves witches), it looks like witchcraft is having a moment.

Another one. After the last moment in the late 80s right through the 90s, when there...

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Tanzania albinos decry politicians as police halt protest over killings
A U.S. survey in 2010 found although most Tanzanians are Christian or Muslim, 60 percent believed certain people could cast spells and curses. The government recently banned witch doctors to stop the trade in albino body parts used in spells. "When a ...
Pagan vendor you should know series featuring Mystic Echoes
By being able to help a person find an herb or a spell item which they can use to create change is very rewarding. I don't consider myself a teacher of witchcraft and magic, at least not yet. However, I am very happy to help people discover their powers ...
Fighting African sex-slavery with witchcraft
Instead, the best chance of success in a court case is to fight fire with fire and have the “spell” reversed by the person who first administered it. [STORY: Modern medicine conquers witchcraft] The Independent reports that last year more than 100 ...


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About Wicca and Wiccans
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