torontobaghead Phaneuf is doing a good impression of a cigar store Indian tonight. #TMLtalk #TradeCentre #LeafsNation #MapleLeafs
pCchoofyuppyep Whenever I see the Cigar Store Indian#Seinfeldepisode I want to buy one
thezhanly @TrojanTopher not pictured on website, but in their video & especially on yelp, you can see a bunch of Cigar Store Indian statue/dolls too
ibuysfiguy Check It out! Cigar Store Indian Postcard XIX Century National Gallery Of Art Washington, DC $12.99 at TripleClicks.
miguelrodolfom1 Ceramic Mold Molds SOUTHWEST CIGAR STORE INDIAN Duncan 439c

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    Bullying Utica judge censured for calling lawyer a 'cigar store Indian,' but ...

    Popeo twice called a prosecutor a "cigar store Indian" in 2011 for not speaking up during court appearances. The Commission did not find that Popeo was being racially offensive, only snide and demeaning. The Commission examined another incident in 

  • Rants from the Hill: Scout's honor

    If the camel was made by a committee, scouting seemed to have been created by a committee consisting of a Baptist missionary, an accountant, a government bureaucrat, a hippie back-to-the-lander, a marketing agency executive, a cigar store Indian, a New 

Seinfeld: Cigar Store indian

i was watching this episode of seinfeld tlast night and nearly pissed myself when this happened....

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Nine Monkees Episodes Funny Enough To Stand Up Amongst The Best Sitcom and Sketch Shows
The show used a variety of comedy bits – there was the fast motion music soundtrack, the running props and characters like Mr Schneider (the dummy who has his own tumblr), the cigar store Indian, the constant parade of girls for Davy – used every week ...
NY Judge Keeps Job Despite Being Overheard Making “Country N****rs” Joke
Two lawyers said they heard it, the paper reports. There have been other accusations against the Popeo, such as in 2011, he twice referred to a prosecutor as a “cigar store Indian” for not being more aggressive in court. Again in 2011, Popeo came ...
Censure recommended for judge who had little patience for smirking defendants
After media inquiries, Popeo vacated the contempt order on his own motion. The commission also found that Popeo referred to a prosecutor as a “cigar store Indian” for not speaking during plea discussions, and suggested that a prosecutor wanted a ...


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Cigar Store Indian 2
Cigar Store Indian 2
Description Cigar store indian.jpg
Description Cigar store indian.jpg
large cigar store Indians I have carved over the years. My Indians ...
large cigar store Indians I have carved over the years. My Indians ...

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