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teresa1jane Check out Childs Harry Potter Style Wand Ooak Hand Made @eBay #witch #wicca #pagan #Wiccan

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Oak Wiccan Wand Wicca Pagan Witchcraft

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Ebony Wiccan Wand 9" Wicca Pagan Witchcraft

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Pagan Natural Ash Wiccan Wand

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  • Are More 20 Something Women Turning To Witchcraft? We Asked An Expert

    Everyone in the office laughed when I said I used to be a Wiccan, and I suppose the only person you can take less seriously than someone who has an altar at the foot of their bed and owns a wand, is someone who used to do that but doesn't anymore.

  • Why Witches Need Privacy

    Wicca is just silly moon-goddess-worship with sparkles and magic wands. Women should become freemasons instead and learn about real power. But they think the boys won't let them LOL. I think too many watched Charmed. It was only ever make believe, 

DIY Wicca altar tools: how to make your own wand

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make your own wand. I used a branch from a Willow tree for my wand. *As you might notice I'm not putting a cris...

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Many of these are Pagan and occult themed. They are blessed and created to ... We also hope to have lines of ritual tools available from blades to wands and other supplies. What inspired you to make this dream real? In the spring of 2013, I was having ...
Wiccan stereotypes refuted by followers
Broomsticks, evil spells, magic wands and frog eyes. What in the name of witchcraft is going on here? For modern-day practitioners of Wicca, the “religion of the witches,” these ideas couldn’t be farther from the truth. Often lumped with Satanism ...
Her career spans women’s rights in DC to Renewal rabbi in Carmel
referring to her understanding of early Judaism’s pagan roots. Novick spoke to J. in her comfortable office in Carmel Valley where she sees clients for spiritual counseling. A corner display holds Native American feathers and a silver wand with crystals ...


Wiccan love spells that work fast

Wicca originated in European country. This mystery faith was practiced by many ladies and men throughout this era in time. necromancy and Wiccan love spells that job quick sorcery were utilized by several dark or evil those who meant to use these robust and natural forces for evil. Muslim...(Posted by Astroguru850 at 05/08/14)

Rustic Maple Wiccan Wand
Rustic Maple Wiccan Wand
Wiccan Wand Triple moon wand
Wiccan Wand Triple moon wand

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